Dinner With the King Recap – AEW Signs With TNT, FOX Wants WWE Top Stars, Will Lawler Be on WWE Programming More? More!

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Moore notes that if AEW really wanted to challenge WWE they’d air their show on Monday or Friday night, in direct competition with WWE. Lawler notes that during the attitude era there were 8-9 million people watching wrestling every Monday night, but that’s not the case anymore. Wrestling has lost the mainstream, casual audience, and there appears to be a baseline hardcore crowd of around 2 million viewers.

If AEW airs on a different night than RAW and Smackdown, then those 2 million viewers won’t have to choose between shows, and that means both companies could effectively garner the same audience. Lawler thinks there’s definitely room for two big wrestling companies in the world.

Lawler is sure that Vince McMahon is aware of AEW and that won’t change as long as they’re in business, but he doesn’t think McMahon is worried or concerned about AEW because there’s no way they can put him out of business.

Moore informs that rumours are circulating that TNT officials will be happy with 400,000 viewers for AEW’s show. Lawler finds that hard to believe, adding that he thinks TNT officials will be “shocked” with numbers that low. TNT are also covering production costs and splitting ad revenue with AEW, so he thinks the network will want stronger numbers than that.

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