Talk is Jericho Recap – BANNED! The Money in the Bank Preview WWE Doesn’t Want You to Hear! Will We See a MITB Cash-in? More!

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Jericho doesn’t think Becky Lynch will retain both of her Titles on Sunday. He predicts she’ll win her first match and then lose the second one. He thinks she’ll face and defeat Charlotte first in a lengthy battle, and then Charlotte will attack her with a chair. This will leave Lynch beaten down in the middle of the ring only for a McMahon to announce that the second match will be starting right away. This will allow Lacey Evans to take advantage of the situation and win the RAW Women’s Title.

Jericho says the Roman Reigns/Elias match excites him less than everything else on the show. He notes that Reigns shouldn’t be involved with Elias because when you’re established at the top of the card you should stay there. Jericho likes Elias’ character but thinks it needs to evolve and adds that Elias still isn’t great in the ring. He thinks this match will end with a quick win for Reigns.

Moving into the Women’s MITB ladder match, Jericho thinks Ember Moon will win here. He thinks WWE should give her a chance right out of the blue and see how she handles it. Alternatively, he could see someone like Mandy Rose winning.

On the men’s side, he notes that there’s a lot of strong contenders. The first MITB match only had 6 wrestlers involved but this one has 8, which is a lot of people in one match. He thinks either Sami Zayn or Drew McIntyre will win here, but gives an outside chance to Baron Corbin as well because WWE is”pushing the hell out of him”.

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