Talk is Jericho Recap – BANNED! The Money in the Bank Preview WWE Doesn’t Want You to Hear! Will We See a MITB Cash-in? More!

Getting into this year’s show, Jericho thinks Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari are two great superstars who will have a good match. He thinks Nese will retain here. He notes that life is still tough for WWE Cruiserweights right now when it comes to getting over, and he thinks that has a lot to do with McMahon having a lack of interest in what they’re doing.

Jericho is looking forward to the United States Title match between Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio. He notes that he’s know Rey’s son, Dominic, a long time and it’s been cool to see him grow into a strapping young lad over the years. He thinks Rey will win this match and he thinks we might see Dominic get involved in some fashion to help his father.

Jericho thought Kevin Owens’ heel turn was quick, as he would have liked to see Owens remain in The New Day for a while longer. He notes that he doesn’t really like Kofi Kingston continuing to throw pancakes into the crowd as Champion, but he admits that the fun-loving antics are what got Kofi to the dance in the first place.

He thinks WWE will keep the Title on Kingston here because it’d be a shame to take it off of him this soon. He’s also not sure what WWE would do with Kingston creatively if they took the Title off of him, since he just climbed a huge mountain to finally get to the top of WWE.

Jericho predicts we’ll see another huge bump from Shane McMahon during his cage match with The Miz. He thinks we’ll see a Superplex from the top of the cage, with Miz then landing on Shane and getting the pin. Alternatively, he thinks it’d be interesting if Miz delivers the suplex and breaks the ring with the impact of both bodies crashing down.