X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/ MVP – Lio Rush’s Heat, Lesnar’s UFC Retirement, MVP’s Thoughts on ‘Mania Main Event, More!

He says he like Rush a lot, and thinks he’s a great man and a great performer, but he notes that Rush might wake up in a few years and realize he made a mistake by going public with his complaints like this.

X-Pac says he can recall Mr. Perfect telling him early in his career that it doesn’t matter if he makes a cent in WWE because the publicity that you get from working in WWE is priceless.

There are rumours circulating that FOX is concerned with WWE’s shrinking ratings and wants to ensure WWE’s biggest stars will be appearing on Smackdown when the blue brand debuts on FOX in the fall. X-Pac can understand that because FOX paid a lot of money for Smackdown. He’s sure WWE will do whatever they can to make FOX happy.

Brock Lesnar recently retired from UFC and X-Pac notes that the reason for this was that Lesnar wanted guaranteed money from UFC for a fight, and when UFC declined Lesnar simply retired. X-Pac notes that Lesnar is his own man and does whatever he wants, and he wishes him the best in whatever he does next.