WWE SmackDown Live Results – May 7th, 2019

Shane McMahon stuck around and he had something to say about Money In The Bank. Then The Miz jumped him before Shane could say anything.

The Miz beat Shane around the ring. It looks like Miz is the 4th RAW Superstar on the show. The Miz didn’t stop and he chased Shane up the ramp.

Suddenly, the B-Team jumped The Miz… so much for the Miztourage. The Miz took care of Axel and Dallas before Shane leveled The Miz with a steel chair twice.

They showed Daniel and Rowan walking backstage when Heavy Machinery walked up to them and they just shared a silent moment.

Ember Moon & Carmella vs Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose

Mandy and Sonya won a short match.

Then Paige came out and said that Sonya and Mandy will face Kairi Sane and Asuka next week.

Matt Hardy did a backstage interview where he said that Jeff has had his surgery and he’ll be back soon. Then R-Truth walked up and said that he came up to tell him something, but he forgot. Matt asked if it was about Lars Sullivan.

R-Truth said he wishes he could forget. Lars’ hands are like bear traps. Then Sullivan was suddenly there. This did not end well for Matt or Truth as Sullivan made quick and brutal work of them both which included R-Truth getting powerbombed through a table.

They showed an Aleister Black promo where he was in a dark room talking about very dark things. He is both our wrath and our salvation. He apologized to his opponents for his need to avail at their expense because they are the embodiment of the since in which he speaks. Now he needs forgiveness for his own sins which he shall see in the form of victory.

AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn vs Kofi Kingston – WWE Title Match

The crowd started off this match by chanting “take a shower” at Zayn.

These three traded near falls after high spots for a while to start off the match fast. As they continued, so did the “take a shower” chants. That one seemed to resonate with the crowd for some reason.

Kofi hit a Boom Drop on AJ and geared up for the Trouble In Paradise, but Zayn grabbed his ankle and pulled him down. Then Sami took out AJ on the apron.

Then Kofi took a trip into the ring steps while Sami and AJ fought on in the ring. Kofi woke up and started fighting Zayn when he took control of Styles.

Sami and Kofi then went to the top and Zayn nailed a nice superplex on Kingston, but he only got a two count.

Kofi nailed an SOS, but couldn’t make the pinfall happen. Then AJ and Kofi started fighting before Styles started selling his leg, but it didn’t stop him from nailing a Pele Kick. No pinfall attempt was made.

Kofi lifted AJ to the apron and the Kingston blocked a Phenomenal Forearm and nailed a Trouble In Paradise. Suddenly, Kevin Owens showed up and took out Xavier Woods in a big way while using the ring steps.

Sami hit a Blue Thunder Bomb while Kofi was distracted and got a close two count. Then he hit another Blue Thunder Bomb for a second two count. KO was on the entrance ramp now wishing that Zayn would have won the title there.

Then Zayn nailed another Blue Thunder Bomb for yet another 2 1/2 count. Suddenly, Kofi nailed Trouble In Paradise and won.

Winner: Kofi Kingston