Shane Helms Takes Shot At Critics Who Said His Superhero Gimmick Wouldn’t Last

Stand back, there’s a Hurricane coming and he proved a bunch of his doubters wrong in a big way.

Shane Helms had an amazing career in the ring. It might be over now that he is a full-time producer with WWE, but Shane Helms will always be The Hurricane to some fans.

This is a great time for superheros including The Hurricane. The Avengers Endgame film is now at over $2 billion in the worldwide box office and has clinched the title of best box office opening ever.

Shane Helms had more than a few people tell him that his Hurricane gimmick had a very short shelf life when he started using it in 2001. Not only were they wrong, but they were also way off the mark with superheros in general.

In 2001, a ton of people told me that my superhero gimmick had a limited shelf life.

The Hurricane entertained millions of fans while under a mask and now he can help create new stories in the ring from backstage. One thing is for sure that if Shane Helms ever decides to dusts off the Hurricane mask there will be plenty of people waiting to watch him work.

It is a good time to be a superhero and a fan of them as well.