WWE Raw Results – May 6, 2019

Roman Reigns Vs. Drew McIntyre

We come back to see the bell ring. Both men circle the ring, then Drew clubs the back of Reigns. He throws him to the corner but Roman bounces out with a clothesline. Roman hits Drew with ten punches in the corner but McIntyre fires back with a throw across the ring. Drew unloads some ground and pound on Reigns.

The Big Dog starts to fight back but gets floored and hit with an impressive deadweight suplex. McIntyre applies a submission in the centre of the ring. Eventually Roman fights up but Drew again tosses him with something of a biel. Roman rolls from the ring.

McIntyre tosses Reigns into the ring post, then gets him back inside. McIntyre stomps Reigns and looks for another suplex but this time Roman reverses and hits one of his own. Reigns clotheslines Drew from the ring.

Roman starts running around it, looking for the Drive-By but Drew hits him with a kick. McIntyre then grabs Roman by the legs, hanging down his back, and swings him head-first into the apron!

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We come back to see Roman run for a Superman Punch but Drew caught him with a spinebuster for a near-fall. Roman then sidesteps a Claymore Kick and the two of them exchange back and forth until Drew floors him with the Glasgow Kiss and a near-fall.

McIntyre stands over Reigns before lifting him up. He catches Reigns with a backslide, kick-out, then Roman fires back with a huge DDT for a near-fall. Roman follows Drew out of the ring and looks for the Drive-By Kick again but again Drew kicks him. Drew gets him back in the ring and connects with a swinging powerslam for a near-fall. Drew literally leaps to the top rope and jumps off but gets caught with a Superman Punch.

Reigns gets fired-up and looks for the Spear but Drew kicks him. Roman uppercuts Drew, who fires back with a headbutt. They both hit the ropes, Roman ducks a clothesline, and huge Spear. Roman goes for the pin but Shane McMahon slides in and begins unloading on him!

Winner via Disqualification: Roman Reigns

Elias has joined Shane and they’re beating Roman down. Out comes The Miz to help and he chases Shane off through the crowd. Elias lifts Roman in the ring and McIntyre takes him out with a Claymore Kick.

We see Shane running backstage, hiding from Miz. He manages to duck him but Charly Caruso appears and asks him what he’s going to do at Money In The Bank when he’s trapped in a cage. Shane runs through a door into the parking lot and tries to get into a limo but Miz appears behind him and cracks him with a chair. Miz hits him again, then tosses him into the limo. Shane fires back with a low-blow and jumps into the limo and leaves. Miz is left lying, holding his gonads.

For the first time in three years apparently, the WWE Championship will be contested in tonight’s main event.

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The Revival are in the ring, ready for a match with Anderson and Gallows.

Before this tag match can begin, The Uso’s come onto the stage. They mock The Revival for calling themselves “top guys” and “the hottest tag team in WWE”. They say they have something to help them out, it’s like Icey Hot but it’s Ucey Hot. It’s some sort of powder that makes you itch and burn. Just about then, Dash and Dawson start losing their minds, using the turnbuckles to scratch themselves and rolling around the ring. The Uso’s put the cream in their ring gear. They give them water, which they pour down their trunks. The Uso’s tell them the water was for drinking, because pouring it on the affected area makes it worse. Dawson then flips over and rolls around like the red devil from Cow & Chicken. The Uso’s are left laughing on the stage. Yeah, no-one can understand why they want to leave.

Kofi Kingston is seen backstage. He says a lot of people thought his journey was impossible but he proved it was possible. He says Bryan thinks he can correct the course, but that’s actually what he’s doing. He says he’s sending Bryan’s yapping behind back to where it came from.

No Way Jose and his conga line make their entrance. Lars Sullivan’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring – worth pointing out that’s at least five SmackDown Superstars on Raw tonight, so much for Vince’s three at certain times. Lars attacks the conga line at ringside. No Way Jose attacks him at ringside but gets tossed into the crowd. He slams one of the party-goers into the barricade, military presses another into the ring post, then sends the other into the ring. Jose returns and attacks but Lars hits him with the running sit-out powerbomb.

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We see Vince backstage on the phone, explaining that the Wild Card rule is definitely just three Superstars, saying that Elias was just with Shane so he didn’t count. Lars Sullivan walks in and stares at Vince, who then lifts the phone to his ear again and says “let’s make it four”.

WWE Championship Match

(C) Kofi Kingston Vs. Daniel Bryan

The match gets underway and they lock-up. Bryan forces Kofi to the corner and unloads kicks, followed by running dropkicks. Kofi fires back with a clotheslines, then another to knock Bryan from the ring. Kofi then runs and leaps over the ropes with a senton to Bryan.

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We return to see Bryan kicking Kofi in the corner. Bryan hits the ropes and suffers a flying elbow from the Champion for a two count. Snapmare and a cool slingshot splash from Kofi. Bryan is tossed into the corner and gets chopped twice. He whips Kofi to the opposite corner and looks for a monkey flip but Kofi lands on his feet. Kofi then looks for a monkey flip of his own but Bryan tosses him over the ropes and to the floor.

Bryan grabs hold of Kofi and tosses him shoulder-first into the ring-post, then again – starting work for the Lebell Lock. Bryan gets him back inside and kicks Kofi’s arm. Kingston avoids Bryan and lands a knee. He looks for a springboard but Bryan caught him and applies an armbar. Kofi begins to escape and Bryan tries to transition to the Lebell Lock but Kofi kicks him off. Bryan hits the ropes and they both hit double crossbody’s. Both men are down.

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We return to see Kingston get thrown over the ropes with a back body drop to the floor. That was nasty and unnecessary. Bryan grabs Kofi and throws him into the barricade. Bryan looks to toss Kofi into the steps but Kingston leaps onto the apron, then springboards off the ropes with a splash on the floor.

Kofi climbs to the top rope and hits a crossbody to the back of Bryan for a near-fall. Some cool, innovative offence in this match. Kofi headbutts Daniel before getting caught in the Lebell Lock! Kofi fights and manages to get his foot on the bottom rope. The fans chant for the Champion, making Bryan angry. Bryan unloads the former Yes Kicks to Kingston’s injured arm.

Kofi fires back with lefts and kicks, followed by the Boom Drop. Kofi fires up the crowd and looks for the Trouble in Paradise but Bryan dropkicked him in mid-air. Bryan hits Kofi with a German suplex bridge for a near-fall. Bryan sits in the corner and looks for the running knee but Kofi avoids it. Bryan dodges Trouble In Paradise and tries to lock-in the Lebell Lock. Kofi slips out and hits Trouble In Paradise for the win!


Kofi celebrates his huge win for Bryan after the fact.

That’s it for Monday Night Raw. Let us know what you thought and be sure to come back tomorrow for more news and results. Until then, safe travels!