WWE Raw Results – April 29, 2019

Lynch is in the ring when we return and she’s joined Charly Caruso. The fans chant her name as Charly asks why she has accepted two matches for Money In The Bank.

Lynch says there’s nothing impulsive about what she’s doing, she can either fight or give the titles up. Charly says her odds are not good, to which Lynch says she clearly does not care about odds. She says nobody thought she could main event WrestleMania, and many though Rousey was unbeatable, until she beat her. She says Charlotte held the division hostage for too long and now that she’s Champion she’s happy to take on all comers. She says Charlotte has talent but she still has her number. And as for Lacey Evans, she might not know when her sneak attacks are coming but she wants her to know her beating is coming at Money In The Bank. We see video of Evans punching her last week, then Lynch calls her out.

Lacey Evans comes out and says it’s just like a man to want what he can’t have. She says she’s not one to lose her manners but she warned Lynch to not let her emotions get the better of her. Lynch didn’t listen, so she’s done talking.

Evans charges and Lynch meets her at ringside, and they get into a brawl. Referees run down to break it up. Lynch breaks free and goes after Evans. Producers run down to help, and they finally separate them. They once again break free and brawl before being broken up for the last time. The crowd chants, “Let them fight!” but Evans saunters to the back.

Still to come, AJ Styles and Seth Rollins in a contract signing. After the break, the Tag Team Champions will face The Revival.

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We see a video of WWE working with disabled kids through Make-A-Wish.

The Revival Vs. Hawkins & Ryder

Curt Hawkins starts against Dash Wilder. Wilder takes him down, but Hawkins kips up before hitting a dropkick for a one count. Zack Ryder tags in and hits Wilder with a baseball slide.

Dawson tags in and attacks Ryder before hitting a back suplex. A “Shave your back” chant picks up and Scott isn’t a fan. Dawson drops a knee for a two count. Wilder tags in and chops Ryder. Dawson tags in and drops an elbow on Ryder. Dawson applies a chin lock before kicking away at Ryder. Wilder attacks Ryder while the referee is distracted with Hawkins and Dawson.

Wilder tags in and hits a leg drop for a two count. Wilder applies an overhead wristlock, but Ryder gets out with a neckbreaker. Ryder soon counters a roll-up into a backslide for the upset victory.

Winners: Hawkins & Ryder

The Miz is interviewed backstage and asked about what happened with Shane earlier. He says he and Shane battled all over the MetLife Stadium at WrestleMania, so he proposes a steel cage match for Money In The Bank.

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We’re back live and the one and only Sami Zayn is in the ring. He says his time away wasn’t just great because he visited lots of beautiful places, but because he learned lots of things, like psychology. And that helps him learn about people, such as the people in the arena. He throws up a screen saying “psychological entitlement” and says it perfectly describes the fans. He says for years fans have been told the customer is always right and that’s just wrong. He could go on and on about why that’s wrong but there’s no point because nobody in Kentucky would understand. He says the basic tenet is that they want what they want and if they don’t get it they throw tantrums. He tells a story about how last week a soulless father got his son to ask him for an autograph at 4 in the morning at an airport. Naturally he said no. He says that didn’t make him feel good. Because that kid, at his young age, has been taught he is owed something. He says he doesn’t owe that kid something, nor any of these fans. Three shoulder surgeries and 17 years of 5 star matches is pretty good. From here on out, they’ll get whatever Zayn gives them. That is the new dynamic of this relationship. People have been telling him to quit WWE if he doesn’t like it. Zayn says quitting WWE would be amazing. It would be amazing, but what would be even more amazing is coming out here week after week and holding the crowd accountable for their actions. Zayn wants to be the critic of the critics. They’ve been drunk with power. It’s high time that Sami Zayn takes the power back. Zayn dances around before leaving.

Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring for his match against Rey Mysterio.

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Samoa Joe is in the ring when we return. He says he watched the segment with Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominic. Joe says Mysterio’s son’s body language shows that he is ashamed of his father. Mysterio should have bought his son a mask to hide his shame. Joe is furious that Mysterio prevented him from winning the match last week. Joe should be signing the contract later tonight. Mysterio is going to get a beating worse than WrestleMania tonight.

Samoa Joe Vs. Rey Mysterio

Joe floors Mysterio right off the bat with a boot. He punches away at him, but Mysterio punches back, but Joe knees him before throwing him out of the ring. Joe teases a suicide dive, but Mysterio avoids it. Mysterio then hits a seated senton off the apron. Mysterio goes for a splash on the floor, but Joe gets the knees up.

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We return and Joe is still in charge of Mysterio. Rey gets caught with a scoop powerslam, then Joe applies a neck vice. Mysterio fights out and Joe goes for a senton splash, but Mysterio rolls out of the way. Mysterio hits a seated senton and dropkicks the knee. Joe catches Rey, but he counters into a tornado DDT for a near fall.

Mysterio hits a head-scissor into the top turnbuckle before hitting a 619 to the ribs. Mysterio hits a flying hurricanrana to put Joe into position. Mysterio goes for a 619, but Joe counters into a Coquina Clutch attempt. Mysterio drops down and kicks him in the face. Mysterio charges, but Joe hits a uranage. Joe goes for another uranage, but Mysterio counters into a roll-up right next to the ropes for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

After the break will be the main event contract signing.

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We’re back and Michael Cole is in the ring with a table and chairs. He invites AJ Styles to the ring, followed by the Universal Champion.

They sit at the table and Cole asks Styles what winning the Universal Championship would mean to him as he continues to build his legacy in WWE. Styles says that’s the whole reason he came to RAW. Smackdown Live was good to him for two years. The craziest fans are on RAW – what a bad line. As for Seth Rollins, Styles has always liked him. Rollins is a good guy, but he’s got something he wants. Styles wants the Universal Championship. They both know when you want something bad enough, you’ll do some unexpected things to get it. Styles says winners find a way, and Rollins is a winner. Rollins is the Universal Champion. He asks how many times has it been said that Rollins could be the next AJ Styles? Styles says the hard truth is Rollins will never be “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles.

Rollins says Styles is correct. There is only one AJ Styles. Rollins says he never wanted to be the next AJ Styles. Rollins always wanted to be the first Seth Rollins. Things are different here. This is not the house that AJ Styles built. This is Monday Night Rollins. What Styles did on SmackDown was phenomenal, but he’ll have to be better than phenomenal to take the title from him at Money in the Bank.

Styles knows what Rollins did to get the title. At what cost was that to Rollins? Styles asks Rollins how he’s holding up. A light “Burn it down” chant picks up. Styles says they’ll burn it down, but he’ll build it back up. Styles asks Rollins how he’s doing since his brotherhood isn’t here to keep him going. Rollins went through hell at WrestleMania, but Styles doesn’t think he has much left. As for him, Styles says he’s ready to go. Styles will be the bulldog nipping at Rollins’ heels. At Money in the Bank, he’ll sink his teeth in and not let go until he’s standing over him as the new Universal Champion. Styles then signs the contract.

Rollins says they have a lot of things in common, but there’s a lot of differences. Styles likes to build things up while he likes to burn it down. Their stories may be similar, but one thing separates them. Rollins says he beat Brock Lesnar, which is why he’s holding the title and Styles is trying to take it from him. Rollins beat Lesnar at his best at WrestleMania, and he’ll be at his best at Money in the Bank when he beats Styles.

Rollins then signs the contract and stands face-to-face with Styles. AJ grabs the belt and hands it to Rollins. Rollins holds the title up. A “shave his back” chant picks up again – an indication of how cringe-worthy this whole segment has been. Styles then attacks Rollins and punches him down. Rollins fights back and knocks Styles out of the ring. Rollins connects with a big suicide dive and gets in the ring talking trash. Styles gets on the apron, knocks him back, and hits a Phenomenal Forearm through the table!

That’s it for tonight’s Raw. Let us know what you thought and be sure to come back tomorrow for more news and results. Until then, safe travels!