Impact Wrestling Rebellion Pay-Per-View Results

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The Rascalz (Dez, Wentz & Trey) vs. Moose & The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander)

Everyone in this match was impressive as they tagged in and out. Moose was totally dominate for the most part of this one too which should be expected.

Dez came back with a DDT on Moose and got the tag to Ethan Page as Alexander got the tag right after. All Ego Ethan Page soon took a tag and he looked good, but Dez ended up doing a flip instead of taking a bump on the ramp. Then they all ended up on the ramp.

Wentz hit a cutter on Moose and Trey came back with a hurricarana before there was a series of dives that was capped off by Moose catching Trey and slamming him against the rail before Dez nailed a dive onto everyone from the ramp.

There was another quick sequence in the ring and everyone did top rope moves on Alexander before Ethan Page nailed a powerbomb to break up the pin.

Moose was the legal man and hit his spear for the win.

Winners: Moose and The North

Johnny Impact cut a backstage interview where he trashed Brian Cage while he spoke to Melissa Santos. That was interesting. She didn’t look too happy to be there.

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Jordynne Grace – Impact Knockouts Title Match

Grace got started fast with a takedown and some punches. Then Taya went to the apron, Grace slid under her and got an electric chair before slamming Taya onto the apron followed by a powerbomb on the apron that Taya didn’t sell much before kicking out.

Grace hit a kick and a senton for another two count. Taya tried to avoid Grace, but she eventually got caught. Then Taya racked Grace with the ropes and tripped her before running Grace’s arm into the ring post a few times.

Taya took Grace down with a submission and started working on her arms. Taya kept trying to keep Grace down as the crowd chanted “new champ.”

Grace came back with a clothesline, but she sold her injured arm afterward. Then Grace hit a slam with no issue followed by another one. Taya hit Grace’s arm and Grace hit a driver for a two count.

Taya climbed to the top and was stopped. Then Grace got her up and hit a muscle buster for a two count. They traded a series of one-counts and Taya hit a knee. Grace had a Grace Driver blocked when Taya hit a headbutt. Then Taya hit her finisher and won.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

Rich Swann (c) vs. Sami Callihan – X Division Title Match

Callihan came out on Fulton’s shoulders. That was a nice touch, but oVe was banned from ringside for this one.

This match didn’t go long before Rich grapped a staple gun and started going to town on Sami. Then Swann started loading up the ring with toys.

Sami kicked Rich and tried to staple him, but it was blocked. Then Sami stapled Rich’s face. Sami hit a running kick in the corner and as he tried for a second one, Swann returned fire with a kick.

Sami grabbed a pan and nailed Swann off a suicide dive. Then Sami got Swann up and hit his Cactus Special piledriver on the apron. While the referee checked on Swann, Sami set up a piece of the guardrail up with the ramp and the stairs.

Then they returned to the ring and Swann saved himself from getting a Razor’s Edge through that guardrail. Swann hit a chairshot and Sami blocked Swann before Sami hit an exploder suplex through the chair.

Swann nailed Sami with a sheet pan twice and Sami spit in Swann’s face, but Rich licked it off his hand. Yeah, that happened.

Rich sent Callihan through a garbage can with a suplex and he got a two count. Then they started fighting on the ramp as Swann beat Sami with a broken wet floor sign.

Swann hit a cutter on the ramp and the crowd chanted: “holy sh*t” and “this is Impact.” Then Swann got to the top rope and Sami stopped him. They made their way to the floor and Sami ended up on the guardrail, but Swann ended up getting piledriven on the railing.

They returned to the ring and Sami only got a two count. Then Callihan went under the ring and got a bunch of Legos before dumping them all over the mat because he’s sadistic.

Swann reversed a piledriver onto the Legos and hit a hurricanrana onto the Legos for a two count. Calihan threw powder in Rich’s face and hit a piledriver off the top rope onto the Legos for another two count.

Then Callihan got a barbed wire baseball bat. Swann spit in Sami’s face and grabbed his groin. Sami dropped the bat and Swann hit him in the head with the bat before locking in a submission with the barbed wire against his head. Sami tapped out

Winner: Rich Swann

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