X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/ RVD – New “Headstrong” Documentary, Bray Wyatt Returns to WWE, CM Punk Returns to the Ring? More!

X-Pac welcomes RVD to the show.

RVD notes that his new documentary, Headstrong, was initially supposed to be based around his comedy tour. Unfortunately on the first day of the tour he started having concussion symptoms from a match the night before. He thought the symptoms would go away and he wanted keep plans in order for the documentary, but the symptoms didn’t go away and the film took on a life of its own.

He says the bump the caused this concussion wasn’t even that bad, but when he got up he was dizzy and had double vision. He waited in the backstage area while everyone left, hoping that his vision would improve but it didn’t. He had to drive home with one eye closed in order to see straight.

X-Pac recalls wrestling years ago and getting knocked out every single night. RVD tells the same horror stories. They both admit that as they get older they fear that their history of head trauma could catch up with them.