X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/ RVD – New “Headstrong” Documentary, Bray Wyatt Returns to WWE, CM Punk Returns to the Ring? More!

WWE made a change to the Viking Experience’s name again this week, naming them the Viking Raiders moving forward. X-Pac thinks this name is way better, but he doesn’t think it will appease the WWE Universe. He notes that WWE has big plans for these two talents, and are preparing to shoot some footage with them in the upcoming weeks.

He says their name is not what’s most important here. WWE’s ability to write good creative and the ability of these two men to get that over is what’s most important. X-Pac jokes that vikings don’t have spray tans, so maybe they should hold off on that moving forward.

He adds that right up until the went through the curtain for their debut on RAW, WWE was considering calling them The Berzerkers and he thought that would have been a great name.

It was announced this week that Dustin Rhodes will be facing Cody Rhodes at AEW’s Double or Nothing show. X-Pac thinks this is great and is looking forward to seeing the match because Dustin can still go in the ring. He’s known Dustin since he was 15 years old and wishes him nothing but the best.