WWE Raw – April 22, 2019

The Viking Raiders Vs. Lucha House Party

The Viking Raiders immediately attack Lucha House Party during their entrance and hit an impressive double slam/powerbomb onto Gran Metallik and Kalisto. They then hit a flapjack into a powerslam, which is now called The Viking Experience. The Viking Raiders then celebrate in the ring. This match never started.

No Contest

RAW Tag Team Champions Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins are backstage, looking nervous after watching The Viking Raiders destroy Lucha House Party. Ryder says they’ve been here for a decade. Hawkins says they earned these titles, just like they did back in 2008. They won’t let these new guys take what they’ve earned.

Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring, where she will face Alicia Fox after the break.

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Becky Lynch is standing in the ring as we return. The crowd chants her name, to which Lynch says there’s something in the air in Iowa tonight. The Superstar Shake-up creates new opportunities. Her next challenger is Lacey Evans, who likes to sucker punch The Man. Lynch says she’s made a career out of putting bleached blondes that have curried favor with management in their places. Lynch says she’s out here fighting while Evans is in the back furthering her career.

Lacey Evans’ music hits and she saunters to the ring. Evans says a woman never loses her temper. Maybe it’s because she’s Irish. Evans says she’ll show Lynch a Woman’s Right and wear those two belts around her waist. Lynch says Evans is getting on her last nerve. Her happiness shouldn’t be taken for complacency. Lynch says it is time for The Man to start collecting her debts. Alicia Fox makes her entrance and dances past Evans, who heads to the back.

Becky Lynch Vs. Alicia Fox

They lock up, and Lynch takes her down. Fox fights up and applies a side headlock. Lynch fights out, blocks a dropkick, and kicks Fox in the midsection.

Foxy rolls out of the ring to recover but Lynch hits her with a baseball slide. Fox beats her around ringside and slams her into the barricade. She gets the Champ Champ back into the ring and earns a two count.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Fox still working over Lynch. They nearly botch a head-scissor by spiking Lynch on her head, but luckily they tucked at the end. Lynch goes outside and throws Fox into the barricade. Lynch gets her in the ring and hits a pair of Bexploders. Fox comes back with a roll-up for a two count. Lynch immediately applies the Dis-Arm-Her for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Lacey Evans is in the ring before the bell even rings and hits Lynch with the Woman’s Right. Lynch slowly pulls herself to her feet, and Evans lands a second Woman’s Right.

Baron Corbin is warming up when Charly Caruso interrupts him. Corbin says he’ll make Seth Rollins pay for making his life miserable. Caruso asks if he’s looking past AJ Styles. Corbin says he’s looking right through him.

Ricochet makes his entrance. He’ll take on Bobby Roode next – who is seemingly known as Robert Roode now, and sports a dashing moustache. Also, he isn’t with Chad Gable anymore. OK.

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Robert Roode Vs. Ricochet

The bell rings and they lock-up. Roode applies a headlock, then drives a knee into Ricochet to drop him. He suckers Ricochet into falling onto the apron, but then gets flipped over the ropes to the outside. Ricochet runs for a dive but Roode moves and he lands on the apron. Ricochet flips off of the ringpost with a moonsault to Roode.

*Commercial Break*

Roode is in control as we return, holding Ricochet down with a headlock. Ricochet fights to his feet but Robert knees him in the gut, followed by a second, and a suplex for a two count.

Ricochet attempts to fight out of a rear chinlock but Roode knocks him back down. Roode is caught with a front dropkick from Ricochet. The One and Only catches Roode with a hurricanrana, before taking him to the corner and laying in some shoulder. Ricochet hits a springboard clothesline before connecting with a standing shooting star press for a near fall.

Roode elbows him, but Ricochet cuts him off and rolls him up for a two count. Roode connects with a spinebuster for a near fall. Roode looks for a Glorious DDT, but Ricochet counters into a knee to the face for a near fall. Ricochet goes to the top rope and tries for a 630, but Roode moves. Roode sends him face-first into the middle turnbuckle before killing him with a Glorious DDT for the win.

Winner: Robert Roode

We get a new Bray Wyatt promo, which is literally like a kids show called Firefly Fun House. Wyatt is acting like a kids show host, wearing a sweater and wit a short beard and new hair. He welcomes us to his new show, and introduces his puppet and the doll. He says he used to be a very bad man and we hear kids booing. Wyatt says he will never turn into that pathetic slob again, then we see a cardboard cut-out of the old Wyatt, which the new Bray cuts with a chainsaw. He says he’s just getting started and that all the kids have to do is let him in. He laughs while pulling on the chainsaw.

AJ Styles makes his entrance for the main event, where he will face Baron Corbin in a number one contender match.

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Baron Corbin makes his entrance, then forces the ring announcer to list all of his accolades during his introduction.

AJ Styles Vs. Baron Corbin

We get the match underway and Styles dodges Corbin to lay in some quick shots. He attacks the leg of Baron, but then he’s caught with a stiff right forearm. Corbin looks for a backdrop but AJ lands on his feet and dropkicks him. Corbin looks to toss AJ from the ring but the Phenomenal One landed on the apron.

Styles kicked him away, then looked for a springboard but Corbin connected wit a right hand in mid-air. Corbin tosses Styles chest-first into the turnbuckles hard, followed by some punches and mocking the fans. Styles throws Corbin out of the ring, then gets onto the apron but Corbin swipes his feet out. Corbin then throws AJ into the timekeepers area. AJ fires back with a punch, then looked for a springboard off of the barricade but Corbin caught him and dropped him gut-first onto the barricade.

*Commercial Break*

Corbin is still in charge as we return from the break. Styles tries to fight up, but Corbin slams him down for a two count. Corbin sets AJ on the top rope, but Styles slides off and takes Corbin down. Styles kicks away at him and hits a big punch. Styles hits a corner clothesline before trying for a slam. Styles can’t keep him up, so Corbin slides off. Styles hits a strike combo, but Corbin grabs him by the throat. Styles gets out and tries for a Styles Clash, but he isn’t tall enough to hit him with it.

Corbin goes for his out-and-in clothesline, but Styles catches him with an Pele kick. Corbin gets back to his feet and connects with the Deep Six for a near fall.  He forces Styles to the corner where he clotheslines him, but Styles catches him with the Calf Crusher! Corbin struggles for a few seconds before grabbing the hair of Styles and slamming his head against the mat. They get to their feet, Corbin boots AJ back and jumps at him but Styles moves. Styles get to the apron and connects with the Phenomenal Forearm for the win!

Winner: AJ Styles

Styles poses for the crowd as we see replays off the match.

Seth Rollins then makes his entrance and stands in the ring with Styles. He extends his hand and they share a tense handshake to end the show.

That’s it for this week’s Raw! Let us know what you thought (particularly of Bray Wyatt) and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for more news and results! Until then, safe travels.