WWE’s Attitude Toward Releasing Talent For AEW To Possibly Sign

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Pro wrestling is a very interesting business. A company can have someone that they aren’t using only to let them go elsewhere and become one of the biggest stars in the world. This happened to Impact Wrestling with Okada and WWE with Cody Rhodes. However, there might not be that big of a concern with Luke Harper.

Mike Johnson said on PW Insider Elite audio that he figures WWE will grant Luke Harper’s WWE release. However them doing so could be a telling sign of how they view him as a possible threat for another company to use against them.

“If they do release [Harper] it will be like, ‘Eh, you don’t matter if you go somewhere else it’s not going to hurt our bottom line.’ That’s how they look at it.”

Johnson went on to say that he doesn’t get the impression that there is any fear that AEW will hurt WWE even if they release Superstars who could end up with The Elite’s new company.

This is interesting because Triple H threw some massive shots at AEW during the WWE Hall Of Fame while calling them a “pissant company.” Of course WWE was quick to edit that remark out of the replays.

It should be noted that Harper’s WWE contract was set to expire in November anyway. Therefore, it is plausible that WWE could no-sell his very public release request until then.

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