Paige Getting Thrown Under The Bus In Ongoing Lawsuit

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Paige is back on WWE television as the manager of Asuka and Kairi Sane on SmackDown Live. This is a great spot for her because not only will she get to be a part of the storylines, but she is also getting closer to the ring without actually being a part of the action.

During the episode of Swerved that caused a lawsuit against Titus O’Neil, Paige was certainly part of the action. This segment saw her zapping Titus with a cattle prod where he reacted in an understandable fashion. He wasn’t happy at all and ended up kicking the camera. This caused a lawsuit against O’Neil because the cameraman claims that it caused an injury which cost him work.

Mike Johnson explained on PW Insider Elite audio that Paige is now being “thrown under the bus” in this lawsuit. It is getting messy as well and could result in Titus actually taking WWE to court eventually.

“If WWE really did book Paige and tell her ‘Yeah, go zap someone with a cattle prod and see what happens,’ that’s kinda f*cked up.”

“Titus is acting like ‘Yeah this was not part of the show I had no idea this was happening’ and the cameraman has now turned it around and said, ‘It is my belief that Paige went and did it on her own.'”

“So now I’m like, wait a minute so now everyone is throwing Paige under the bus when you know that somebody — a producer, whatever — said ‘Listen this is what we’re gonna film, go do this.’ Apparently WWE, they’re not even representing Titus and Titus is on his own and he’s going to have to possibly depose people who work for the company he is contracted to and it could possibly open up the lawsuit to Titus might have to sue WWE over this as well. It’s pretty crazy.”

We will have to wait and see how things turn out in this case. It is important to remember that WWE didn’t act alone in producing the Swerved series either. Because Jeff Tremaine, one of the minds behind Jackass, was actually an executive producer on this prank-inspired WWE themed show.

As you can see from the clip below on WWE’s YouTube page, not only did Neville call Paige out for assault in the segment, but they also cut out Titus’ part entirely.

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