Kurt Angle Admits Famous TNA Match Was Not Wrestling

Kurt Angle has been through many wars in his life, but as a retired pro wrestler he can look back at his career and realize what he’s done. One match from TNA that got a lot of attention nine years ago isn’t something he seems too proud of now.

The Global Wrestling Network posted a clip from Angle’s 2010 match against Ken Anderson at TNA Lockdown. This cage match featured a pretty dangerous high spot that saw Angle hitting the mat hard. To this Angle was quick to reply that it was not wrestling.

What was I thinking? I’m a wrestler. I “wrestle”. This was anything “but” wrestling

Kurt Angle’s career features plenty of moments that probably shortened his time in the ring. His body took a tremendous amount of damage for twenty years for the benefit of the fans. He might want to take a few of those bumps back though and it looks like this could be one of them.