Impact Wrestling Could Keep Former Star From Signing With Another Company For A Year

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Impact Wrestling has contracts just like any other major wrestling company. They have certain criteria for those contracts that would mean that those particular stars must abide by those rules. Eli Drake was recently fired from Impact Wrestling after he allegedly breached their contract. This might cost Drake dearly.

PW Insider stated that due to Impact Wrestling’s contract specifics, they have been told that if Eli Drake is found in breach of contract he could still work on the indies, however, he won’t be able to ink an actual contract for a while.

I have been told that usually, such a breach in an Impact deal would mean he’s iced for a year.

Eli Drake can dispute the breach of contract claim in court. He hasn’t commented on the situation, but taking Impact Wrestling to court might take some serious money to fight them legally on this claim.

It is unclear exactly what grounds Impact Wrestling is claiming a breach of contract. Drake did recently refuse to work an intergender match against Tessa Blanchard only to continue a couple of weeks later in an online rant about why he disapproves of intergender wrestling.

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