Ric Flair Reveals How Much He Cried Before WrestleMania

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Ric Flair is a very emotional person. It doesn’t take much in a big moment situation to get The Nature Boy crying and he is more than enough of a man to own up to it too.

While speaking to CBS Sports State Of Combat, Flair discussed his daughter’s big WrestleMania main event match. He cried the entire week leading up to the big event and he proceeded to praise his daughter Charlotte Flair in a big way.

“I probably cried the whole week, I’ve been crying since it first came about. I’m so thankful to WWE, from Vince [McMahon] to Hunter [Paul Levesque] and Stephanie [McMahon] and all the powers-that-be who put that together and taking that step forward with the woman. For me, I’ve used the expression about passing the torch, but my daughter just took the torch from me years ago. She is so good but she is just getting going. She has only been in the business for six years, which is hard to believe. The thing about her that separates her from a lot of people is that she’s never satisfied with a performance. I was really proud and I’m proud of WWE for taking that step forward because they deserve it.”

Charlotte Flair was unable to pull down a big victory in MetLife Stadium, but she certainly made an impression in the process. Although Charlotte herself admitted that women shouldn’t main event until there is a reason that calls for it, there doesn’t seem to be much of a sign that Flair will be slowing down to earn anther opportunity to highlight the show of shows.

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