Lars Sullivan Trolls Fans On Twitter & Deletes It

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Lars Sullivan really likes to tweet things out and then change his mind about it. He’s done this many times before. Recently he’s been picking it up on WWE television when it comes to enraging fans, but it looks like he’s still into his old Twitter tricks as well.

Sullivan’s WWE debut saw him take down Kurt Angle and since then he has targeted Rey Mysterio, The Hardy Boyz, and R-Truth. You never know who is next, but Sullivan seems to be having a great time as he tweeted out:

Hello easily triggered WWE Universe! What are you fake outraged by today?

Lars Sullivan might have axed that tweet because he said the word “fake” in it which is something WWE Superstars should never say. However, it really just seems like he enjoys deleting things.

Lars Sullivan on Twitter: "Hello easily triggered WWE universe! What are you fake outraged by today?" Tweet has since been deleted. Mirror attached.

Thanks to Broken_Beat on Reddit for the heads up

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