X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap – Original Name Idea for Goldberg, Thoughts on “The Viking Experience”, Lacey Evans Impresses on RAW, More!

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NXT’s War Raiders debuted in WWE this past week with a new name; The Viking Experience. This new name was met with significant backlash from fans and X-Pac understands the frustration of some fans. However, he notes that the name could have been so much worse.

He points out that as long as creative gives them compelling storylines and follows up on those storylines, these guys will be fine. A performer’s name isn’t everything, and that’s not a hill he’d die on if he was in War Raiders’ position. He had some interaction with those guys during the time he spent as a guest coach at the Performance Centre, and he’s a big fan of them.

He can recall working in WCW when Goldberg debuted, and prior to that debut Goldberg came up to him and said he was considering the name, “Hybrid”. X-Pac told him that “Goldberg” was his name, and it would be cool as long as he made it cool by working like a badass in the ring. That’s exactly what ended up happening.

X-Pac says he hated the name “1, 2, 3, Kid”. He wanted to be called, “The Kid” but WWE refused to allow the name change. He went from hating the name to accepting it. He also wasn’t in love with the name, “Syxx”, but he didn’t really hate it either.

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