X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap – Original Name Idea for Goldberg, Thoughts on “The Viking Experience”, Lacey Evans Impresses on RAW, More!

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X-Pac opens today’s show by apologizing for last week’s episode which he thought was too negative. He had just returned from WrestleMania and was tired and very sick. In hindsight he admits he probably shouldn’t have done the show at all, but he appreciates all the fans who stuck with the show regardless.

Impact Wrestling announced this week that they’ll be having a working relationship with Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling school and promotion based out of Houston. He thinks this is a big deal for all the students at Booker’s school, as wrestling students rarely get the chance to work with talent from a national wrestling promotion. He does admit that this is a little bit surprising given Booker’s ongoing working relationship with WWE.

X-Pac liked Viceland’s Dark Side of the Ring episode that focused on the life and death of Bruiser Brody, but he points out that the show didn’t really provide him with any new information. Everything that was said in that show X-Pac knew about as it was happening back in those days, when he was just starting his in-ring career.

He points out that a character and performer like Bruiser Brody couldn’t exist in the business today. Brody was known for taking liberties with certain performers and just “running through guys”, and that wouldn’t be allowed today. He understands that Brody’s reputation played a big part in him being as successful as he was, but he also doesn’t blame some of the performers who weren’t fans of Brody.

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