How WWE Worked Superstars Before Shake-Up To Keep Moves A Secret

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WWE likes to keep as many secrets as possible and they are known to take some pretty interesting measures to keep something from getting out too much before they want it to. However, in a day and age of social media and the IWC being so strong and smart it is getting increasingly harder to do.

The WWE Superstar Shake-Up was this week which was full of moments that fans didn’t see coming. It turns out that the company did everything they could to keep things a secret including working their own Superstars.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that although some bigger Superstars were told about their switches, WWE told others who were jumping to SmackDown Live that they were needed in Montreal on Tuesday for promotional work. This was a means of keeping them in town for SmackDown Live without letting the cat out of the bag and actually telling them why they were needed. They were then told on Tuesday what was actually going on with their careers.

Fans were able to do the math and figure out that some bigger names were expected on SmackDown. This wasn’t difficult to do in some instances after RAW’s Shake-Up on the previous night. However, it is also pretty interesting that WWE didn’t even tell some of their Superstars about this big change until the day came to make an announcement official.

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