Ember Moon Defends Alexa Bliss After Becky Lynch Mocks Her Concussion History

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Becky Lynch likes to fire big shots over Twitter and it looks like one shot recently hit very close to home for Alexa Bliss. Now Ember Moon is defending one of her best friends in Bliss after The Man mocked Bliss’ recent injury.

Alexa Bliss suffered a really bad concussion followed by another one that took place after she returned to the ring too soon. This resulted in months off the road for Bliss and she was moved to a non-wrestling role on RAW. However, now that Bliss is back it looks like she’s doing much better.

We previously reported that Bliss was very offended by Lynch’s shot at her concussion and even announced a break from Twitter in the process. Ember Moon fired back at Becky Lynch while chastising her for taking such a low blow.

Geez “Man”
It’s one thing to make idle threats as the glorified internet troll you are, but you mocking a near career ending injury is proving you are a bully. You are just scum that needs to be taken down a notch. I’ll happily oblige.

WWE doesn’t mess around with concussions. If a Superstar suffers a concussion then they need to sit out until they can pass impact testing to prove that they are okay to make a return. Bliss nearly lost her career due to a concussion, but The Man didn’t seem to mind making a little joke about it.

You never know how this might change Ember Moon’s intensity as she goes for the SmackDown Women’s Title, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be cooling her down at all.

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