Johnny Gargano Responds To Criticism ‘I Like Blending In At Airports’

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Johnny Gargano is the current NXT Champion and he did it his own way. He signed with NXT after being told that they didn’t have a spot for him, but he worked hard and earned a contract. Now all of that hard work seems to be paying off because after Tommaso Ciampa’s injury, he was sent back to NXT where he captured their top title at NXT TakeOver: New York.

Brad Shepard said on last week’s episode of Oh, You Didn’t Know that Johnny Gargano doesn’t have “it.” He said that Gargano is undersized and doesn’t have airport appeal either.

In case you didn’t know, “airport appeal” means that someone can just see you in public and know you’re a celebrity. Baron Corbin is said to have massive airport appeal as does Elias and even Finn Balor. However, Johnny Wrestling obviously heard this critique and responded in a big way.

“Doesn’t have IT”
“Won’t stick out in an airport”

You can harp on the negatives but this is why you don’t let others perceptions define you.. if you want something.. go get it.

Plus I like blending in at airports! 🤫

Not too bad for a chubby 8 year old kid from Cleveland with a dream. #BeYourself

Johnny Gargano is still the NXT Champion despite what anyone says. He will continue to be himself as a chubby kid who grew up to be a champion in WWE. He is living his dream and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Besides, who wants to stick out in an airport anyway?

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