Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host Glenn Moore.

Lawler says he didn’t attend WWE’s Hall of Fame ceremony this year. WWE told him that they were changing things up and he wouldn’t be hosting the event this year, so Lawler took that as them not wanting him there. He decided to go out for a nice dinner with his girlfriend instead.

Lawler thought it was terrible to see Bret Hart get attacked from behind during his induction speech. Lawler jokes that nobody got attacked when he was hosting the event. In all seriousness, he has no idea what that fan was thinking, but he assumes that the fan wasn’t in his right mind.

He says he spoke to Hart the next day and everything was fine, but Hart was pretty upset about the entire thing and couldn’t understand why the fan would want to attack him.

Lawler says the HOF stage setup was different this year because WWE wanted to save money. Takeover was on Friday and if they would have changed the setup for the Hall of Fame and then changed it back for RAW on Monday it would have cost $250,000, so WWE decided to leave the ring set up and use it as the stage for speeches.

Lawler says he was attacked by fans on multiple occasions during his territory days before joining WWE. He can recall getting tackled one night and using his Title belt as a weapon to defend himself. He got several shots in and bloodied the fan before cops got involved.

On another occasion Lawler was tackled from behind by a fan during a match. Lawler couldn’t see the fan but reached behind and started pummelling him in the head. After the fan was carried away by police Lawler was informed that the fan was mentally handicapped.

Lawler felt terrible and went to the hospital to visit the fan. The fan’s father was apologetic to Lawler and explained that it wasn’t Lawler’s fault. It was especially sad because the father explained that his son was a big fan of Lawler and was probably just trying to give him a hug. Lawler still knows the fan and his father to this day.

Lawler informs that WWE was anticipating bad weather on Sunday during WrestleMania. They even spent a lot of money on a heated ring for the performers. Although it was drizzly and cold leading up to Sunday, on the day of the event the weather was terrific.

He informs that everyone had to be at the Stadium at 10AM. They all met downstairs at the hotel at 8AM and there was a bomb sniffing dog there checking all their luggage. Once he got to the stadium he had to begin rehearsing for the Kickoff show.

The Kickoff show started at 5 PM and with all the matches on that show the guests barely got a chance to speak. After the Kickoff show ended he had to rush downstairs to get ready to call the first match of the night, Randy Orton versus A.J. Styles.

As he was in the backstage area changing his clothes someone came in and told him that things have changed and Brock Lesnar/Seth Rollins would be opening the show now, instead of going on second last right before the women’s main event. Apparently Lesnar had just been in a meeting with Vince McMahon and this decision was made. Lawler doesn’t know why this happened.

After Lawler finished calling the Orton/Styles match he left with his girlfriend, Hulk Hogan, and Hogan’s wife, and they all went for a nice dinner. He notes that Hogan has a lot of pull around WWE and organized a limo to pick them up.

Moore asks Lawler if McMahon has any heat with any of the people or promotions running shows around WrestleMania weekend. Lawler says McMahon doesn’t really care and has always said that everyone needs to make a living.

McMahon has a lot on his mind during WrestleMania season and couldn’t be worried about what other people are doing, unless he considers them a threat. Lawler doesn’t think WWE will have any competition anytime soon, not even AEW. Even if AEW becomes a big success Lawler thinks there’s plenty of room in the world for two successful wrestling companies.

Lawler says he met his old friend, Jim Ross, for dinner over the weekend as well. He wishes Ross all the success in the world with AEW. He notes that some fans are asking for him and Ross to team up at the commentary booth again for AEW, but Lawler just signed a new two-year deal with WWE. Lawler decided to re-sign with WWE because they’ve been great to him and he didn’t see the need for change.

Lawler says he was at WrestleCon over the weekend as well and it was great to see all those fans. Enzo Amore was at the table next to him one day and that became annoying after a while as Amore screamed his catch-phrases over and over. Luckily on the second day Amore had moved on.

That sums up this week’s episode of Dinner With the King. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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