WWE NXT Superstar Gets New Gimmick

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NXT is a place where the WWE Superstars of tomorrow can get the skills needed to excel on the main roster. They give them every chance needed to succeed and sometimes that entails a change up from the gimmick they walked in with.

Punishment Martinez was known in ROH as a heavy-hitter, but now he is in NXT. He’s been working house shows under the Punishment persona, but the Sports Business Journal seemed to introduce him differently as Damien Priest.

“I’m not a patient person, but I’m a positive impatient,” Priest told SBJ. “I’m not willing to just stand by. I’m going to keep pushing until something sticks.”

We will have to see what happens next, but he is said to be a dark brooding character. This could be a variation on the previous Punishment Martinez gimmick only with a trademark that WWE can own. It is still an interesting change that they are making, but it is better to do it now before he establishes himself further with the NXT audience.

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