The Revival Says Cross-Over Athletes In WWE Including Ronda Rousey ‘Have No Idea’

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WWE will sometimes bring in a big name from the sporting world to increase interest in the product. For the last year fans watched Ronda Rousey’s journey through WWE as a full-time Superstar, but Scott Dawson of The Revival says even Rousey has no idea about what pro wrestling really is.

Fox News recently asked the Top Guys about cross-over athletes coming to WWE. Unlike Matt Hardy who thinks Conor McGregor will end up in WWE, The Revival’s Scott Dawson is just looking for respect, but it is hard to come by in that instance.

All I got to say is, respect us and respect what we do. You may have a notion or some sort of connotation of what professional wrestling is, but you have no idea. Ronda Rousey — she has no idea. Rob Gronkowski, I don’t care how big of a friend he is of Mojo, he has no idea. But if you step into my world, it’s a lot more real than what you think. So right now formerly I’ll challenge Rob and Mojo any day of the week. Just step up, Jack, because I guarantee we won’t be putting on helmets and pads. We’ll be fighting it out.

Dash Wilder had his own version of this idea. He doesn’t have a problem with people coming in from other sports, but respect is still crucial.

I have no qualms about guys coming in here, girls coming in here from other sports, but you better respect it or you better not come near us. If you’re going to come here and you’re going to do this and you’re going to try to do what we do, you damn sure you better bring your A-game. You better bring some respect with it.

The Revival are still with WWE even though they asked for their release months ago. They appear to be at least riding out their contracts at this point. We will have to wait and see if Vince McMahon splits up The Top Guys with the WWE Superstar Shake-Up, but either way they still want to see respect from anyone coming into WWE without any prior experience in pro wrestling.

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