Samoa Joe Takes Massive Shot At Anyone Who Reads His Social Media

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Samoa Joe has a lot of deep thoughts, but that doesn’t mean he is sharing them. At times the WWE United States Champion will construct a critique of something only to delete it and he had a very interesting reason why.

Apparently, Joe doesn’t think that anyone he respects would read what he has to say. This makes us wonder how he feels about those who do read his social media feed, but he seemed to make that quite clear.

The mastery of my ego mainly consist of me writing scathing critiques of people and situations in the submission box of my social media, then erasing it because lets be honest anyone I would respect doesn’t have time for all that anyway.

Samoa Joe doesn’t seem to be getting any easier on the fans. As he continues in WWE and his heel role increases it makes us wonder what his next step might be. He is the US Champion, but some fans would rather see him in a more prominent role. Either way, Joe probably doesn’t care what we have to say anyway.

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