Mauro Ranallo is one of the best play-by-play voices in sports, but he has been having a very rough year. He recently opened up about this on Twitter where he said that all of his mental health issues combined have made him feel like every day could be his last.

The Bi-Polar Rock n Roller is quite open about his mental health issues. He hopes that sharing his problems will help someone else out. We can only hope the same as he wrote an incredibly revealing response to someone thanking him for his contributions.

I’ve been struggling mightily this year. I feel like every day is going to be my last. The mania,depression, anxiety , imposter syndrome et al is overwhelming but I keep going the best I can. If I can help save one life by sharing information then my battle was worth it.

Hopefully, Mauro Ranallo will be able to feel the support around him and carry on with his head up high. Mental health is nothing to joke about and it is to be taken very seriously. It is still a bit concerning that he is having those thoughts, but his mission is to help others by being so candid.

Harry Kettle

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