Michael Cole has a pretty important role in WWE that he has been able to hold onto for a long time. He isn’t without fault though and a recent story that broke about Pat McAfee getting screamed at over wearing shorts to WrestleMania really put a spotlight on Cole’s temper.

Former WWE announcer Alex Del Barrio experienced Cole’s wrath before and he recently let it all out about how it really is to work with Michael Cole backstage in WWE.

“Even though other announcers on the same plane in shorts and a t-shirt when I was in a suit and tie (and I shaved when I got to the hotel before rehearsals)

I was yelled at in an announcing training session for saying ‘skinning the cat’ because it was an ‘insider term’

And we don’t use those on broadcasts…we do..and it’s gymnastics terminology used in wrestling….I was yelled at for buying a Whataburger after a show at #nxtjacksonville…. I was yelled at for not doing my new NXT pre-show music contest even though I was told by production

(Berkley) that he wanted to wait until the following week until he had more music in the computer, but I was yelled at for not doing it. I was only yelled at by Cole once. These were by other announcers who had it filtered down to them because the culture created

They look for the smallest things to criticize, berate and bully. If they like you, they look the other way. If they don’t they find ways to get you in trouble and cause this stigma about you within the company until you’re ultimately gone.

Cole I would argue has hired good talent, is underrated as a PXP guy when the reigns are taken off and when he wants to be an EXCELLENT teacher…but he also has a stupid temper, is fake when it comes to building a real culture of ‘team‘ and fosters a culture of not trusting

Anyone and being constantly afraid of losing your gig at every turn. There are several other stories from other folks in his circle that have more direct interaction with his temper. This McAfee story doesn’t surprise me AT ALL

I want to add one more thing here that I think is important…I’m usually pretty good at dealing with ‘yelling’ I was an athlete in HS, not a good one, but i didn’t mind the yelling if it was supported by coaching and honest criticism in order to help me improve.

So I don’t want it to come off like I was sulking in the corner every time someone said or did something to me. Not like that at all, I’m just someone that speaks my mind and will always stand up for myself, especially if you’re just being a jerk for no reason.”

Michael Cole might have a very stressful job with a lot of responsibility, but he might need to figure out a different way to go about things. According to Del Barrio, he wasn’t the best person to work under.

Felix Upton

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