NXT Superstar Calls Out Imposter Twitter Account

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NXT Superstars have a lot of people following them and they are also role models in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, sometimes that imitation can go a bit too far.

Rachael Ellering, daughter of Paul Ellering is an NXT Superstar now, but if you follow her on Twitter you might need to make sure that it’s the right account. The second-generation Superstar tweeted out that there is an account that is straight-up stealing her identity on social media.

Hey all.

Please be aware that this page is NOT me. They are using capital I’s as the L’s in my name so it appears the same. (Along with having the same pictures, bio, etc) 

So sorry for any mixup-Trying to get this dealt with ASAP. 

Hopefully, they can get this sorted out soon enough. It is sad this is an issue at all because it makes you wonder what benefit someone would get from duping fans like this. It also sounds like it is time for Twitter to verify Rachael Ellering, the real Rachael Ellering.

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