Gail Kim Reacts To Rumors Of Sasha Banks Leaving WWE

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Sasha Banks is reportedly upset with WWE and requested to quit the company during WrestleMania weekend. Some fans were surprised by these reports, but Gail Kim has a different reaction.

Kim has left and returned to WWE before, but it doesn’t appear as though she will be back anytime soon. She is with Impact Wrestling now and seems quite happy, but when asked if Banks would be leaving WWE as well Gail Kim said she has heard rumors, but she won’t believe anything until The Boss actually leaves.

Another fan commented back saying that they didn’t think Sasha Banks was going anywhere. Gail Kim had a very interesting response to this as well while drawing from a fantastic point that John Oliver was trying to make on Last Week Tonight two weeks ago.

Prob not. But then again, she is an independent contractor.

Sasha Banks is an independent contractor, but she is also under an exclusive deal with WWE. We will wait and see what happens next, but as we previously reported via Brad Shepard, Banks told WWE she wouldn’t be back next week for the Superstar Shake-Up.

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