Corey Graves Has Dream Of Becoming WWE Universal Champion

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Corey Graves’s in-ring career was ended prematurely after he suffered too many concussions. He is on television every week as a commentator, but his dreams might find him back in the ring.

The World Champion Of Love revealed on Twitter that he dreamed of being awarded the Universal Championship. This was an interesting dream because he wasn’t even wrestling to win the gold.

I had a dream last night that I won the Universal Championship.

I didn’t wrestle for it. I just kinda obtained it. I was wearing a suit in the ring and everything.

Time to get back to work.

If Corey Graves is teasing a return to the ring then this is a very unique way to go about it. He seems quite comfortable at the announce table though so it’s unlikely that he will risk losing that sweet gig to wrestle.

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