Becky Lynch Says She’d Love To Slap The Head Off Of Bayley

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Becky Lynch recently fired back at the rumors surrounding Sasha Banks in a very unique way. She simply tweeted at The Boss saying: “Fight me.” This was met by a lot of interested parties in the IWC.

Bayley responded by posting a selfie with Banks that proved they were in the crowd during the WrestleMania main event throwing up the 4 Horsewomen hand sign while saying that they liked Lynch’s match. However, The Man didn’t seem to think that was a peace offering at all.

I’d love to slap your head off too.

Becky Lynch seems to be lining up whoever she can to face because she has no problem taking on all challengers. Lacey Evans seems to be next on The Man’s list so we will see if Lynch can get around to Sasha Banks and Bayley next.

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