WWE Getting Bad Reputation With Insiders For Being An Insane Workplace

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WWE makes a lot of questionable decisions. Vince McMahon runs the operation so that should probably tell you a lot. It has certainly been enough to cause some writers to stay away from working for the company.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that he knows someone in the writing community who could be a great asset to WWE and is looking for work. Meltzer said that he suggested to his friend that he should try WWE, but his response was not positive at all. This writer knows a lot of people who work for the company and he said that was a hard no due to the company’s “insane” practices.

“He’s like ‘You do realize that’s the worst place to work.’ It’s like ‘Well, you know I know it’s kinda weird’ — and he goes, ‘No, the reputation is that is like it’s insane, it’s insane.'”

“This week it’s kinda like we got that theme whether it’s [Robert] Evans or Brian James, or Sasha Banks even though each story is completely different — the Hall Of Fame and it’s just like that whole — it’s like to me watching it from afar it’s all normal because it’s like I know it — this is what it is. If you’re not someone like me that lives in this world and you look at it from afar and you go like, ‘They fired the writer because he wrote a speech to thank Vince McMahon’ — but it got all the way to the teleprompter and then they didn’t fire him, he actually quit. The point is he got yelled at and berated and he decided ‘F*ck this, I’m quitting.’ Okay?”

“Then everyone makes fun of it a half hour later in the DX speech and they do their whole anti-AEW thing. It’s like do you do this anywhere else?

WWE did have a very eventful WrestleMania weekend, to say the least. Now we will just have to wait and see what the next controversy might be. It seems that as more sporadic decisions are made WWE might not be helping themselves much when it comes to keeping up a good reputation for people who might be able to come in and help them out.

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