Why Hurricane Helms Is To Thank For WWE’s Social Media Empire

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WWE recently boasted 1 billion followers on social media. Of course, that number is a little doctored as are most stats that they put out, but it is still impressive. One man is taking credit for introducing WWE to Twitter and Hurricane Helms recently stepped up to explain why.

Helms recently put out his 90,000th tweet. During that post he explained that not only was he the first pro wrestler with a Twitter account, but he also had to help set up a number of Superstar accounts and even explained to WWE why the social media platform was so valuable.

This is my 90,000 tweet.

I was the FIRST major pro wrestler on Twitter.

I helped quite a few fellow WWE’ers set up their accounts.

I had convo’s with WWE higher-ups explaining what Twitter was.

I am not proud of any of this.

Now Hurricane Helms is a backstage producer in WWE so the company is paying it forward in a manner of speaking. Helms will also be able to help plenty of other WWE Superstars set up Twitter accounts if they didn’t already have one.

This is just another way that Hurricane Helms blazed a trail for millions to follow. However, considering what Wrestling Twitter has become Helms doesn’t appear to be very proud of this achievement.

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