Rusev Possibly Throws Shade At Sasha Banks Calling Her ‘Botch Master’

Sasha Banks might be nearing the end of her run with WWE. It appears she’s not very happy and told the company that she wanted to quit during WrestleMania weekend. Now it looks like her coworkers are starting to chime in.

Becky Lynch already commented back challenging her to a fight and now Rusev is throwing in his apparent opinion. The Bulgarian Brute didn’t hide much when tweeting out.

Botch Master is unhappy! Be gone

Fans immediately called Lana out for hacking her husband’s profile. After all, she would have a much bigger bone to pick with The Boss than Rusev himself.

It is still a very interesting thing to send out whoever it came from in the Rusev Day Camp.

Written by Felix Upton

Boom goes the dynamite!

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