X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap – WrestleMania Weekend Recap, WWE Writer Fired at HOF, Bret Hart’s Attack, More!

X-Pac notes that there was some tension backstage about their decision to mention Vince McMachon multiple times during their induction speech. Bret Hart mentioned McMahon in his speech, and the writer for that segment was actually fired backstage by McMahon during the show. This obviously made them re-think their own speech.

McMahon is very serious about his rule of not being mentioned during speeches, so they sent Shawn Michaels over to personally ask McMahon about their own speech because “he can get away with anything”, and McMahon reluctantly told them to go have fun.

X-Pac says he’s not necessarily one for violence, but when Hart got attacked he was all in favour of that guy getting a beatdown. He says it was great to see Hart this weekend and he has no idea why this guy chose to attack Hart. He notes that the attacker got lucky because in a different era this guy mightn’t have made it out of the building alive.

X-Pac says it was really nice to see Chyna’s sister again, and to finally meet Chyna’s mom. When he looked into her mother’s eyes he saw Joanie again and that was a special moment. He mentioned during his speech that WWE should rename the Women’s Battle Royal after Chyna, and it wouldn’t surprise him if that happened in the years to come.