X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap – WrestleMania Weekend Recap, WWE Writer Fired at HOF, Bret Hart’s Attack, More!

He says the HOF ceremony was very special. It was a stressful day for him and he was “nervous as f***”. He had to be there at noon and he was making notes on cue cards up until minutes before he was introduced. He still forgot to thank some people and that’s bothering him now. His girlfriend continuously told him to stop worrying and to try to enjoy the weekend.

He says his biggest concern was “What am I going to say?” It’s been a long time since he’s held a mic in front of that many people and he was very nervous. Regardless of what he thought of his own speech, he thought the show was very good overall.

X-Pac informs that he and the members of DX were backstage getting ready when Bret Hart got attacked during his induction speech. He thought the entire thing was very disturbing. He also notes that some people suspected that it was a work and he thought that was moronic.

X-Pac says it’s a pleasure to be around Billy Gunn these days. Gunn is easy going and took all the AEW jokes lightly. He was a good sport about all of that stuff, even if some of it was a bit uncomfortable for him.