The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Conrad Thompson – WrestleMania Weekend Analysis, Was ‘Mania Main Event Botched? Practicing for AEW Commentary Debut, More!

Ross thought WrestleMania was a good show but it was simply too long. He thought there were a number of matches that could have been shorter and that would have led to better matches and a better show overall. Conrad agrees, noting that the Triple H/Batista match was a good example of this. Ross agrees, saying that match could have been 10-12 minutes and it would have been great.

Ross and Conrad both agree that we saw the planned finish for the main event featuring Lynch, Rousey and Charlotte. If anything, the execution was poor by the talent and that led to the controversy. If that wasn’t supposed to be the ending, the referee wouldn’t have counted to three in their opinion.

Ross thinks it’s too bad that fans were worried about their exit plan from MetLife stadium during this match. He thinks this entire angle peaked too early and Conrad agrees, noting that Lynch was hotter 6 weeks ago than she is now.

Ross informs that he’ll have a new podcast with Conrad starting next week, or maybe the week after. The podcast will focus on Ross’ history with multiple promotions, and his experience at the commentary table as well as behind the scenes as an executive.