NXT Superstars Leaning Toward Jumping To AEW

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AEW is going to offer some great opportunities for talents to possibly thrive in a new environment outside of WWE. Now it looks like some people in NXT are looking to make a jump when their contracts are up.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that NXT might be a great place, but there are a few people who are under the assumption that they would be used better in AEW than they are currently getting opportunities in NXT.

There are also some in NXT who feel they are more likely to be used well in AEW than the main roster who have expressed interest. A few are leaning toward going when their deals are up, and others are taking a wait-and-see. 

There are a couple of people we can think of in NXT who might be better suited for AEW. Although you never really know what is going on until they actually announce their departure.

It still wouldn’t be a total surprise to see people currently in any brand under the WWE umbrella start looking at AEW as a viable option.

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