The Hardy Boyz Are Upset At Lars Sullivan

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The Hardy Boyz captured their 8th set of WWE Tag Team Titles on SmackDown Live this week, but their celebration did not last long. Lars Sullivan came down and destroyed them to create a tradition of The Freak ruining great moments after debuting on RAW on the previous night to take out Kurt Angle.

When asked about Lars Sullivan, Matt Hardy had to admit that they are upset. However, there are other things on their mind except for a Freak Accident.

“Of course we’re upset you know it was a great moment. It was a very special moment in the history of Matt and Jeff Hardy and of course, Lars ruined that moment, but hey it is what it is.”

“One thing you can’t take away is that we proved tonight that we still are the greatest tag team in all of space and time and we made the WWE Universe remember.”

Jeff Hardy commented that they should have attacked Lars with the titles, “What were we thinking? I mean he’s a monster.”

It looks like Lars Sullivan will keep showing up to bring a ton of heat on himself whenever the moment arises. This is a very smart way to use The Freak and we can only imagine what kind of huge plans WWE has in store for Lars Sullivan.

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