Champions Propose Another ‘Winner Take All’ Match In WWE

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WWE seems to really like the idea of ‘Winner Take All’ recently. The WrestleMania main event saw a match where the winner took home both titles and the next night on RAW another match was booked, but it wasn’t able to finish between Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins. Now another set of champions might be battling to see who gets both titles.

The Hardy Boyz won the SmackDown Tag Team Titles from The Usos last night on SmackDown Live. After their win, Zack Ryder sent out a tweet saying: “Major Brothers vs Hardy Boyz?.” It didn’t take long for Matt Hardy to reply:

Winners Take All in Montreal?

Gotta helluva ring to it, we’re down! #RAW #SDLive

If this match goes down then we can only imagine that there will be a lot more shaking up during the Superstar Shake-Up than some fans might have expected.

The idea of unifying titles could lead to the end of a brand split, but if that was really WWE’s intention they wouldn’t have much use for a Superstar Shake-Up unless they just plan on halving their amount of title belts and simply letting everyone float between brands.

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