The Miz Had To Get Staples In His Head Following WrestleMania Loss

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The Miz and Shane McMahon fought all around MetLife Stadium during WrestleMania. Their feud was full of heat as they got fathers in the mix as well. This is what set The Miz off the most in this rivalry.

If you noticed that the referee put on his black gloves during this match then you weren’t alone. However, there was no blood really visible. That is because The Miz actually had a busted head so his hair became a matted crimson mess during the match.

Sometimes winning isn’t defined by a 1,2,3. Last night at #Wrestlemania I whooped Shane all over @mlstadium Today I hurt, I’ve got staples in my head, my body aches but my heart is full knowing I made my dad proud. And there’s no win bigger than that.

The Miz seemed to be doing well after his match as he spent some time with his father. This contest could have gone far worse so at least both men were able to walk away after taking such a crazy bump during the show of shows.

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