Mojo Rawley Has An Interesting Way Of Dealing With Haters

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Mojo Rawley is doing something on WWE’s television, but we’re not quite sure what it is yet. The fact is that he has just been screaming at a mirror for weeks. This week he added some blue veins to his face as well which was cool, but it didn’t tell us much.

Paige recently stated how it blows her mind when haters will throw such filth at her and then follow her on Twitter. This is when Mojo Rawley responded that he has his own unique way of dealing with the hate.

I personally enjoy “liking” their hate tweets. They never know how to handle it.

So if you’ve ever tweeted out to Mojo Rawley that he sucks or whatever you wanted to say to try and ruin his day only to discover that he liked it… he knows you’re still a troll. So don’t worry about losing your reputation as a hater because Mojo Rawley seems to enjoy it.

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