WWE Censoring Daniel Bryan’s Promos In A Big Way

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Daniel Bryan was the Planet’s Champion prior to WrestleMania 35. He is still going to be fighting for his principals and preaching what he believes in, however, he won’t be allowed to talk about the environment anymore.

While speaking to the Cheap Heat podcast, Daniel Bryan revealed that WWE nixed any talk about the environment. Despite the fact that it is something Bryan believes in, he isn’t allowed to bring it up anymore due to political reasons.

“My wife would say that I’m crazier [at home] than I am [on WWE]. There’s a lot of things that I’m not allowed to talk about on television. It’s weird because I haven’t said much about the environment because they told me I’m not allowed to talk about the environment. Why? Because they say that the environment is a political issue. It’s not a political issue, it’s a scientific issue! And saying it’s a political issue makes it stupid! What an idiotic idea!”

It is rather a shame that WWE wouldn’t let Daniel Bryan talk about the environment because he was the Planet’s Champion after all. As WWE rolls on it might get even harder to blur the lines between politics and wrestling as the McMahon are so heavily involved in the Donald Trump campaign for his re-election.

Global warming and pollution might be a very controversial issue, but it was working like a charm to bring a ton of heat. However, it might be for the best in the end if the perception of caring about the environment could stop drawing boos.

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