Kofi Kingston On How Real His WrestleMania Storyline Became

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Kofi Kingston has grinded away at his WWE career for 11 years. During that time he has witnessed plenty of people get opportunities that he was never afforded. Now all of that will change at WrestleMania.

Kingston recently spoke to the Washington Post about the racial aspects of his WrestleMania storyline. The article included several Superstars and other African American wrestlers who praised Kofi Kingston and discussed their own experiences with being stereotyped in pro wrestling.

Kingston was quite open about speaking on the subject. He talked about how WWE used to represent minorities on television and had a lot of hope that we are in line for a historic WrestleMania event to come.

“You would see people of color on television in certain roles. We wanted to make sure we represented people of color who were just themselves, having fun. The message we want to put out there is it’s okay to be yourself. There’s no definition of what black is supposed to be or what white is supposed to be.”

“Kids who look like me can look at the screen and look at a WWE show and see that things are possible because I’m doing it. The story line we’re doing now is very powerful for a number of different levels. There’s a lot of reasons why people feel the way they do. We can speculate on the whys and everything, and we’ll never get an answer. I think the most important thing is it’s happening now and we’re in the midst of something that’s groundbreaking and historic and something a lot of people want.”

WrestleMania could really become KofiMania if he is able to snag the WWE Title from Daniel Bryan. You can never put it past WWE to pull off a heat-seeking moment which is why some fans are bracing themselves for anything.

Regardless of whether Kofi is able to win the WWE Title at WrestleMania he still had an incredible ride getting there. It might seem like a hollow victory if he isn’t able to win, but hopefully, he will have still positioned himself at a much higher spot on the card for the remainder of his in-ring career.

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