E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness – Beth Phoenix’s Return to the Ring, Christian’s “The Lock” Gimmick, What They Did With Their First WWE Pay Check, More!

Edge and Christian decide to do a Q&A segment.

The first listener writes into the show and asks them to pick 5 talents right now to build a new promotion around. Edge says he’d take The Usos and The Revival for tag teams, Drew McIntyre as a strong heel, and Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte in the women’s division. Christian agrees with all those picks but would like to have either A.J. Styles, Seth Rollins, or Kenny Omega as well.

The next listener asks them to describe the weirdest angle that was pitched to them that didn’t happen. Christian says for a while he was being pitched an idea of a character called “The Lock” which would be an impersonation of The Rock and was a “lock” to win every match. He’s thankful that didn’t happen.

Another listener asks Christian to name his favourite entrance music. Christian says the “Christian! Christian! At last you’re on your own” theme is probably his favourite. He hated that music at first and it made his skin crawl but then he realized he was a heel and he knew it would be perfect. It’s a memorable theme and people still sing it to him to this day.

The next listener asks them to name their dream opponent for a fantasy comeback match. Christian says he’d love to face A.J. Styles. Edge says he’d love to have four more matches at each of the big 4 PPVs, one with Rollins, Reigns, Styles, and Aleister Black.