E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness – Beth Phoenix’s Return to the Ring, Christian’s “The Lock” Gimmick, What They Did With Their First WWE Pay Check, More!

She had a lot of fun working with The IIconics. She’s been disappointed with how little they’ve been used on Smackdown recently. She points out that they are great characters and they did a lot for her on Monday and she really appreciated that.

Beth says she didn’t really think an in-ring return was in the cards for her when she returned to do some commentary last year. During the build to Evolution, Natalya and her pitched an idea for a female Hart Foundation team but the timing wasn’t right. All the stars aligned this time and she’s looking forward to Sunday.

She says Natalya really stuck her head out for her creatively so she didn’t want to let her down. When she found out about her in-ring return she went to the Performance Centre and started training, just to make sure she could still perform the way she wanted in the ring.

She didn’t expect to have a match on RAW leading up to WrestleMania, and only found out a bout it a day or two before. She was a bit apprehensive about it at first, and didn’t even have any new gear ready. There was a lot of stuff running through her head but she accepted it and embraced the opportunity.

She says she loves the mentality backstage right now, and the atmosphere in the Women’s locker room. It’s a very fun, positive environment.