Becky Lynch Takes Shot At Ronda Rousey Complaining How Hard WWE Can Be

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Ronda Rousey realized how tough life can be as a WWE Superstar very quickly. She had it a lot easier than most though because she had the money to travel in comfort and didn’t have to make every single WWE house show in the process. It was still a lot for her and a big change.

Becky Lynch recently unloaded to 107.7 The Bone’s In The Kliq about Ronda Rousey. She took a shot at Rousey wanting to be able to cook a meal for her husband because Lynch hasn’t been able to do that for anyone for four straight years.

“It’s kind of laughable isn’t it really because she’s going cosplaying as a legend, a legend who would have gotten into a fight, who would have been so insulted by that word and by somebody not respecting our business to be able to go out there and say that. The fact of the matter is let’s talk brass tacks shall we because at Thanksgiving Ronda Rousey was in her kitchen crying, crying about how hard this business is because she couldn’t be at home to cook breakfast for her husband. I haven’t been home to cook breakfast for anybody for years because I’ve been on the road nonstop, nonstop.”

“I have not missed a weekend unless I have been concussed or I have had an operation. And even with that, I was back two weeks later. So, I have had no rest, no rest in at least four years, two years before that in NXT that makes six years and I have not cried about it once, but she has been on the road, not even on a full-time schedule for at this stage, what, four months? And she’s crying in her kitchen because she can’t hack it.”

“So, if you can’t hack it Ronda Rousey, get your jacket and get out because this is my business and you are holding that title hostage. You have had it for a year and nobody was talking about it until The Man came along and made it the most interesting title in the business. I did for the SmackDown women’s title and I’m going to do, or for the Raw women’s title.“

We will have to see what Ronda Rousey does following WrestleMania. Becky Lynch has a very good idea what Rousey will decided to do as she hasn’t taken to losing very well in the past.

If Ronda Rousey does leave WWE then at least she will be home more often so she can cook.

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