Alexa Bliss hasn’t been wrestling much recently, but she claims that she isn’t injured. Bliss has a pretty important role at WrestleMania as the host of the show of shows. Only time will tell what her hosting duties will entail.

Bliss was recently spotted by TMZ where she was asked what her plan is in the ring from this point on. She has her eye on whoever wins the WrestleMania main event, but she couldn’t stop from admitting that she would love to humble The Queen Charlotte Flair.

“My plan is, ya know, whoever wins that women’s main event, that’s who I got my eyes on.”

“Charlotte Flair is who I’m rooting for, and that’s who I want to happen. Because ya know, I feel like with the story and how everything is going on, the other 2, ya know, have gotten a little cocky, and I feel like the queen is the one who can humble them.”

It is good that Alexa Bliss is still teasing a return to the ring on a regular basis. Her role as talk show host on Raw has created a more versatile part for her to play. It is easy to picture her going right for the gold sooner than later, but first she needs a champion to chase and we will have to see who takes all at WrestleMania first.

Harry Kettle

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